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INFO STORAGE is an electronic information system for the central storage of regulated information. It is operated by the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and allows the transmission, storage and access to all regulated information published by listed companies. The information sent to INFO STORAGE is considered reported to the Securities Market Agency and the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. In compliance with the temporary legislation, INFO STORAGE is a system for the central storage of regulated information.


The main purpose of INFO STORAGE is to provide integral infrastructure for the storage of publicly accessible regulated information published by listed companies, and to enable the interested public to access and/or download all published regulated and other (takeover bid, annual information update, prospectus) information from a single website.

Who is INFO STORAGE for?

INFO STORAGE is a publicly accessible website, which listed companies can use as a publication and storage venue for their regulated information as well as for information on takeover bids, annual information updates and prospectuses. It is also meant to serve the public, institutional and other investors, the media, member firms and everyone else interested in publicly available published regulated information.

Which announcements can I find in INFO STORAGE?

INFO STORAGE stores all listed companies’ regulated information, such as:

  • inside information,
  • periodic reports (annual and half-yearly report, interim management statement, quarterly report),
  • information on substantial stakes in public companies (substantial stakes, own shares, changes in the total nr. of shares with voting rights),
  • information on general meetings,
  • financial calendar,
  • comply or explain statement with reference to the Corporate Governance Code,
  • corporate actions,
  • other reporting obligations imposed by the law (new securities issues, changes in the characteristics of securities, the choice of home member state), and
  • other non-regulated information (takeover bid, annual information update, prospectus).

How can companies post announcements onto INFO STORAGE?

The company may post their announcement to INFO STORAGE in two ways:

  • when SEO subscribers post their announcement on SEOnet, an interface automatically transmits it into the INFO STORAGE system;
  • other companies enter their announcement into the system directly, and after they have electronically signed it, INFO STORAGE saves and stores it.

Each posted document bears the electronic signature of the author and becomes publicly available on the following business day at http://www.oam.si.

Where is the posted information stored?

At the moment of being posted to INFO STORAGE, all documents (whether regulated information or non-regulated information such as a takeover bid, annual information update or prospectus) appear on the list of latest announcements. Clicking the title of the announcement in the list opens the document.

How frequently can new announcements be added?

Documents may be posted to and entered into INFO STORAGE at any time and their storage is not temporally limited.

Saved documents become publicly accessible on the business day after they were posted into the system. Information posted into INFO STORAGE will be stored permanently.

How do the archive and search tool work?

All regulated information as well as other information (takeover bid, annual information update, prospectus) posted by companies are stored in the INFO STORAGE archive. The easiest way to navigate the archive is to use the search tool, which helps you look for information according to various parameters. You can search for announcements by company, key words, time and date of publication, language, type of publication, ISIN or ticker symbol. All announcements are also available in txt format.

Subscribe to the daily summary of announcements

Go to the SUBSCRIBE tab and subscribe to the INFO STORAGE daily summary of announcements. You will receive them daily into you inbox for free.

Receive INFO STORAGE announcements over RSS

If you would like to receive updates on daily announcements, select the RSS icon on the INFO STORAGE homepage ( http://www.oam.si/rss) and subscribe for free.

RSS is an XML-based technology, which enables you to automatically receive timely updates of the regulated information published by companies you select. You do not have to go the INFO STORAGE website to check for new announcements over and over again, since RSS warns you every time a new document is stored into the system. RSS provides extracts of announcements with links to the full document. RSS feeds can be read:

  • using software called "RSS reader" or "feed reader", which can be downloaded from the Internet free of charge. Before downloading it, however, please consult your IT staff to ensure compliance with your company’s downloading policy.
  • using RSS syntax; e.g. http://www.oam.si/rss/?s=krkg will give you a list of all new announcements about a selected stock (in this case Krka), while http://www.oam.si/rss/?s=krkg+melr+petg provides announcements with regard to several companies.


INFO STORAGE complies with high safety standards to increase the transparency of published public announcements and strengthen the supply of information available to the investment public. It:

  • is a one stop shop for regulated information;
  • offers an archive of all public announcements published by listed companies;
  • offers simple search of announcements using several parameters;
  • is easy to access and free of charge;
  • is available 24/7.

Where can I get more information about INFO STORAGE?

For more information about INFO STORAGE please contact the Ljubljana Stock Exchange at infohramba@ljse.si or call +386 1471 02 11.